Aquarius woman dating a taurus man

Now Pisces are known for being flirts but will never . We give you everything about us in the sense of soul. We don't like to be tested when we are showing you our full intention.And yes we are liars, secretive and we have a very complex way of talking but we don't do it out of malice! It offends us and hence tit for tat we reverse it in you and most than anything we will bluntly shut you down.We are soul mates and we understand that now and appreciate and love each other even more than the first day we met. He's got that sense of humor and he's very attractive but I dunno if he'll court me or just flirt with me.I love my Pisces man n I wouldn't trade him for the world. We communicate everyday though but dunno where this is going...definitely true, my pisces bf is really hard to read. They are always in mood of fun and cracking jokes and they will never open their mouth and tell their ideas and opinions but they are most loyal and deeply in love just you need to figure it out how to handle him..Pisces man, from the first day of their acquaintance, will treat his partner like a queen, obediently serving and obeying her.He will try his best to fulfill all her wishes and whims, and will even displease himself to please her.Taurus woman will take Pisces man's courting as granted, and will not be very surprised that he devotes his entire life to her: zodiac sign Taurus purposed her to have a royal posture and egocentrism, characteristic only of the powerful.

And once we were a couple the Taurus female for some reason or another kept insisting I was dating multiple women and such. You'll notice we like you by the way we compliment and try to romanticize you. Of course once you start testing us to see if we'd do something. We can read through some of the bs and it annoys them that we can reverse it on them making the Taurus uncomfortable.

I don't want to keep reaching out to him and never getting a response. Keep trying, he likes you, he's just intimidated by commitment.

Tell him he is going surfing with you and he will go.

My friends all say one never has to wonder where they stand with me. He will literally ignore me or accuse me of "smothering" if I send him more than one text a day.

I'm not ashamed or too insecure to speak from my heart or head. He tests me with questions to find out if I'm in love with him or want a commitment. I don't text him at all anymore, and if he wants to contact me, he is the one who has to initiate contact. But, he's great in bed, and he makes me feel like I'm the best girl in the world when he wants to. I'll hang around for a while longer just to have fun at the very least.

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