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Some people think that they can sober up quickly by eating, drinking black coffee, sleeping, taking a cold shower, or running around the block.The fact is that none of these strategies sober up a drunk person faster.In addition 20% of 16-year-olds and 30% of 17-year-olds have received a “sext” (a sexually explicit text message).More than 7 out of 10 teens hide their online behavior from their parents in some way.The legal system uses a more scientific method for determining when a person is drunk, Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC,) the percentage of alcohol in the blood (or proportion of alcohol to blood in the body) as someone drinks.In most states, a BAC of .10% is considered legally drunk.But for many, the problem of pornography in our modern culture still needs a spotlight.What do some of the latest stats tell us about this sexual-media giant? porn revenues had been by 50%, due in large part to the amount of free pornography available online.

A 2012 survey of porn actresses demonstrated 79% of porn stars have used marijuana, 50% have used ecstasy, 44% have used cocaine, and 39% have used hallucinogens.

In addition, most states practice zero-tolerance laws, meaning if you are under 21 any alcohol in your system is against the law. People are less able to make rational decisions about their capabilities (for example, about driving.)Lack of sensor-motor coordination and impaired balance are typical.

Judgment, attention, and control are somewhat impaired. Decreased sensory responses and increased reaction times develop.

German poet Heinrich Heine said you cannot feed the hungry on statistics.

Well-researched stats can only illuminate the problem, not solve it.

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