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Is Sidyma on youre tot visit list or am i not looking clearly ? I've been wanting to reconnect with classmates and neighbors (the Mc Sherrys) from Izmir during my childhood but am at a loss for leads. Diana Phillips Hi Dick, I found your galleries whilst looking at things around Side to see and found your gallery of Lyrbe f.k.a. This place looks amazing and unfortunately on my recent visit to this area did not get to see this site. you have given me all my heart dared wish for in your very incredible photos of the very real turkiye home where my heart is thanks for the early birthday present.

I intend to try and get there on my next visit, but for now will be content to look at your amazing images. Hi Dick, I stumbled onto your website when doing casual research on Paul the apostle and Tarsus. It was fascinating seeing them from across many years and I feel like I've been there now. Evan Dear Dick, I wander if you have photos of Incirlik , Adana during the years 1973-1975. 193-1 security Police Law Enforcement desk as an interpreter-ranslater.(I am from Adana) I remember Maj. Ruez, I would like to exchange e-mails if anybody interested and worked between the years.1973/1976.

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We liveed in a new apartment house next to the governor's house. I saw many of the sights there such as Ephesus, Pemmukale, and Bodrum, as well as seeing Istanbul and Adana etc. I remember very little Turkish other than Merhaba and Cok Guzel, and while Muzeyyen knows a little English, she doesn't know a lot.

Gjithsesi, pak rendesi me cfare vete, te garantoj qe Thethi do te beje per vete.. Mua nuk me binte ndermend te merizitesha nga gropat sepse isha mrekulluar nga alpet. Por nese do qendrosh disa dite, duhet te jete fundi i pranveres apo vere pasi koha ftoh shume. Ne Tr ka agjensi udhetimesh sa te duash, qe te ofrojne udhetim me furgon deri ne Theth, gje qe kushton 2 lek, po une preferoj gjithmone te udhetoj me makinen time, e te ndaloj cdo 10 min te bej fotografi.

Per me teper do kisha qef te shkoja njekohesisht dhe ne Razme, Lure, Valbone....e jo te ngulem ne nje vend!!

Dhe une mendoja se nuk egziston rruge me e keqe nga ko!!

Mos te shkoje ne mendje te ngjitesh ne Theth me makina luksi!! Ne fakt per ne pranvere po planifikoja, se tani kthehem ne Tirane vetem pak dite per pushime, nuk me del koha per udhetime.

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