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The exact same word appears in Jeremiah (ibid., 60).The Book of Jeremiah, of course, takes place during the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians, making it a contemporary of the silver scrolls.The discovery made it clear that parts of the Old Testament were being copied long before some skeptics had believed they were even written (ibid., 67)two amulets are evidence of the antiquity of traditions preserved in the Bible; it also provides indirect evidence, as do the Dead Sea Scrolls and other manuscripts from the Second Temple period, of the accuracy of scribes who for centuries copied sacred texts (1995: 45).Critics who maintain that very little of the Bible is historically trustworthy claimed that the scrolls were written in the Hellenistic (Inter-Testamental) Period, rather than being genuine products of the Old Testament era (Barkay et al. Recently, the West Semitic Research organization in California took “detailed, high-resolution images” of the unrolled scrolls, and these images have revealed features of the scrolls’ Hebrew lettering that had previously been undetectable.This discovery thus removes one argument against a pre-exilic Amulet II seemed, in the original photos, to lack a middle cross-stroke, another characteristic of post-exilic Paleo-Hebrew.

However, new photos were taken in 1994, and,[w]ith the aid of innovations in photographic and computerimaging technology, high resolution digital images have been made of these texts...

Instead, the kāps are formed like an inverted “T,” a form that is based on a pattern from the two most famous collections of Paleo-Hebrew writings from the Old Testament Period, the Arad Ostraca (seventh–sixth centuries BC) and the Lachish Letters, specifically Lachish 2 and 3 (ibid.).

The Lachish Letters date from—and specifically refer to—the conquest of Jerusalem by the Babylonians.

One of the silver scroll amulets before it was unrolled as seen on screen in a recent slide lecture.

The silhouette is that of Gabriel Barkay, the archaeologist responsible for the discovery.

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