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MW - VRT closed most of their Flemish language outlets on mediumwave today. 927 k Hz continues to broadcast the Radio 1 service.1188 k Hz was supposed to close down too, but appears to still be on the air.Ajeje Brazorv, PAZZA INTER, Papa Giovanni Paolo II, 1000 cuori x 1 sorriso, Il Saggio Folle, Picco Le Pe Sti, 9° Reggimento d' Assalto Paracadutisti "Col Moschin", TI RICORDI QUANDO..., Calciatori Panini, RTL 102.5, Giuseppe Ferrante, Wiener Haus (C. Bicocca Village, Milano),, El, Senza Tacchi Non So Stare, Ma Anche No, Valentino Rossi VR46 Official, Questione di tette, IO TIFO PAPA FRANCESCO, The Social Post, TIM, Pega essa Z00era, Essaouira Disco, Molto Bene, Al Giardino Degli Etruschi, 101Caffè Segrate, Pasticceria Ilari, Pallavolo Maschile, Wetshoe, Supporters Segrate 2007, Gruppo Alpini Lim. Last week’s blog “released” a list of holiday-themes tunes for the season we currently enjoy. 6260 UZB The Voice Asia s/on, YL and music fair MH 6210.00 G Laser Hot Hits pop music good MH 6240.00 ?

6260 UZB Voice Asia (Tashkent) . music . time pips . OM in English "You're tuned to 6260 k Hz 49 metreband .... SW - The Voice Asia (CVC International) from Tashkent on 6260 k Hz, with English ID at in an otherwise Hindi programme. V weak modulation on strong carrier R Cairo pips and German ID 6225 AFS RTE via Meyerton Book reviews fair MH 6230 TWN WYFR via Bau Jong OM/YL, ID, Thine be the Glory, until 2359 weak MH Sunday 19 December 2010 Memories - European Music Radio programmes from 20 August 1978.

6297.14 NR of SADR Arabic talk and music 22.59 music, YL, OM IDs in Arabic SADR top of hour IDs.

23.00 OM ID in Spanish music & interviews with journalist from Belgium 23.29 end of Spanish prgm and sign off good MH SADR end of Spanish programme.

I stumbled on a concert film, “Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Real Live Roadrunning - Full Concert” a few days back and played it in spots.

It runs one hour forty plus; still have about one half hour to enjoy.

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