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and what makes me laugh loud is that he is telling us to surrender to him.I am advising him to change his womanly style of dressing and put men’s clothes on and come to the battlefield…” Indha Adde added that Godane had never participated in combat with the Ethiopians during the latter’s occupation of Somalia (Mareeg Online, n.d.).

Aweys is a clever political tactician used to exerting power and influence from behind the scenes, and al-Shabaab may find it has taken a catalyst for change into its midst through the unification with Hizb al-Islam.

Andrew Mc Gregor January 31, 2011 Shaykh Ahmad Abdi Godane “Abu Zubayr” appears to be losing his grip on the leadership of Somalia’s al-Shabaab, the largest and most formidable of the militant Islamist groups operating in the Horn of Africa.

Reports indicate that Godane was relieved of his post as Amir of al-Shabaab at a December 24 meeting of the movement’s Shura Council (Walta Info.com, January 15).

Challenges for the Amir Godane has run up against a number of factors that have led to the challenges now being posed to his leadership from within the movement, which is battling Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) for control of the capital of Mogadishu, having already taken over the administration of much of southern Somalia.

The most significant of these factors include the following: Godane was openly mocked by TFG Minister of Defense Shaykh Yusuf Muhammad Si’ad “Indha Adde”: “As to the extent I know the so-called Ahmad Godane, he is a fugitive who wears women’s dress such as gowns, veils, headscarves, etc…

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